Sunday, March 19, 2017

Understanding Torrent

Understanding Torrent - Understanding Torrent is a Network File Sharing Labels, which is one file-sharing technology called P2P (read: Peer to Peer), where user-user connected to send and receive a portion of a file, the tracker as pengkoordinasinya. Tracker did not have the file you are looking for, do not have the data about the contents of the file, because it despite the limited tracker bandwidth, coordination can continue. Philosophy is essentially a user must also upload the data when they download. Thus, we are in the same time acting as a data server.

Understanding Torrent

Torrent itself is a small file, which is only about a few kilobytes with the extension * .torrent. This file contains the information needed to download a specific file. The information contained in the torrent file includes the file name, size, place the download and so on.

Keep in mind that how the torrent is shared. So we need to keep a connection open so that others can also download the file you just downloaded via computer. Lama this connection we can set, for example, one hour after the connection will be disconnected automatically. Here are some terms in torrent:
1. Seed is the user, who has finished downloading from torrent and file sharing.
2. Peer is all the people who are downloading files after the download is complete, he became the seed (seeder).
3. Leech is the same with the peer, often used to name the peer with UD (Upload / Download) ratio is low. While the term Leecher addressed to those who have finished downloading a file and once finished downloading the file they immediately disconnect or stop the process of sharing the file.
4. UD ratio is the ratio of download and upload. Upload and download ratios were moderate, if the value is 1 (you download the same as you have uploaded).
5. Tracker is a server, which coordinates the process of downloading all users. The server stores data about how many seeder, leecher, peers and other info from a torrent file. Tracker identifies the location of a network of people who download, upload / sharing a file.
6. Swarm is the conclusion of all seeds and peers (thus tracker has a swarm of all computers ever download a torrent file from it). Torrent files can be downloaded on the website that provides torrent files. The complete list of websites that provide torrent files can be found on THIS page. The download speed depends on the number and Peerr Seed / Leech. To download torrent files using torrent client such as uTorrent or BitTorrent download download HERE HERE Ok enough formal language.

There are a few tips to memlih torrent file from Torrent Tracker (website which provides a torrent file), so that the speed of the files that we download more stable / faster, namely:
1. When choosing a clay torrent file comparison seed and leech it. If more than leech seed usually download will cepet, if otherwise the download can be slow. example: seed = 10000; Leech = 50000 => likely to slow ratio (1/5) seed = 50; Leech = 5 => likely quick ratio (10/1)
2. Note also the quality of torrent files that we download from torrent Tracker. Indicated the number of people who have downloaded the file and commented positively on the file.
3. Install patch EvID4226Patch223d-en create windows
4. Setting BitTorrent / uTorrent in optiona € "Preferences â €" Advanced â € "find net.max_halfopen setting between 50 -" 100 (I use 80) default value 8.
5. Setting BitTorrent / uTorrent in Option â € "Preferences â €" Bandwidth â € "enter a value for Global maximum number of connections (tuh total peer who is connected to you) etc: 200 higher the better; Maximum number of connected peers per torrent (this number of peer that is connected to you for each file that you donwload / share) etc: 60 higher the better; Number of upload slots per torrent (this number can download from a peer that you simultaneously) etc: 2 the smaller the better.