Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Understanding The Reform

Understanding The Reform

Understanding The Reform - Reform is a process of change with the long life of the new order that is legally livelihood towards improvement. The goal is to better direction by looking at the future purposes.

Reform is etymologically derived from the word "Reformation" with the root of the word "reform" is semantically meaningful "make or Become better by removing or putting right what is bad or wrong"

Reform means drastic changes for improvement (social, political, or religious) dl a community or country:

  • The economic reforms are changes drastically for economic improvement dl a community or country.
  • Legal reform is a drastic change for the improvement of the legal field dl dl a community or country.
  • Political reform is a drastic change for improvement dl dl politics of a society or a country.

Literally meaning a movement of reform had to reformat, re-arrange or re-arrange things aside to be returned in its original format or form in accordance with the ideals aspired people.

Therefore, a reform movement has a condition requirements as follows:

  • Reform movement carried out due to an deviations.
  • Reform movement should be done with a clear aspiration (ideological foundation) specific.
  • Reform movement done based on a reference reforms. Reforms in principle to hold a motion to change an order restoring the existing structural, because of a deviation.
  • Reform waged towards a change towards the conditions and circumstances are better in all its aspects, among others, the political, economic, social, cultural, and religious life.