Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Understanding Chipset

Understanding Chipset

Understanding Chipset
physically, the chipset in the form of a collection of small IC or chips, that are designed to work together and mamiliki certain functions on the system of computer hardware, chipset found on madherboard, (cards) expansion, for example on the graphics card (vidio card), or at other computer equipment, the functions of the chipset on madherboard not the same as the chipset on the expansion cards. begiu, the function of the chipset on the other computer equipment .. each has its own functions that are specific,

Chipset functions
vidio chipset on the card serves to control the three-dimensional graphics rendering and output an image on a monitor.
While the chipset on madherboard serves to control the input and output (input and output) are fundamental to the computer. more details that chipset found on madherboard serves to regulate the flow of data from one Part to other components. for example, directs the data from the CPU (processor) to the graphics card (vidio card) or to system memory (RAM), and mangarahkan the flow of data over the PCI bus, IDE drives and I / O ports.
in this case, can be compared to that chipset as if it functions as a "traffic cop" regulating the flow of data on madherboard in a PC (personal computer).

Various computer Chipset
1. Chipset Southbridge
Is one of the two-chip chipset that controls the IDE bus, USB, support plug and play, bridging PCI and ISA, control the keyboard and mouse, power management features and other devices,
function: can set the input and output on the computer, including the pci and isa bus, processor, memory (RAM) cache

2. The Northbridge chipset
is the part that connects the processor (CPU) to the system memory controller dangraphics (AGP and PCI express) via a high-speed bus, and to the southbridge. which serves to escort komonikasi between the CPU, RAM module, AGP or PCI-E and southbridge,
berungsi: Guarding the communication between the CPU, RAM module, AGP or PCI-E and southbridge chipset and work together to enable computer functions
Northbridge chipset is usually located closer to the processor