Saturday, January 14, 2017

Understanding the Constitution

What is the Constitution? Discussion time about the notion of the constitution and the type of constitution.

Understanding the Constitution - the Constitution is a text or a document which includes the entire regulations governing the binding in the state administration in the state, describes the overall constitutional system of a country. The system is a collection of rules that establish, regulate or govern the country.

The term comes from the word constitution constituer (France) which means form. The point is to establish, organize, and develop a country. In English words can constitute means raising, establishing or developing. While in the Dutch language, the term constitution known as gronwet which means the constitution.

Understanding the constitution according to the experts:

  •  E.C. Wade
The Constitution is a text that describes the framework and the main tasks of the state government bodies and determine the main points of the workings of the agency.

  • KC. Wheare
The Constitution is a whole constitutional system of a country that is a collection of rules that establish an set of state government.

  • CF. Strong
According to CF. Strong, the constitution is a set of principles based on the power of government, the rights of the governed, and the relations between them are arranged.

The types of the Constitution, there are two types of constitution, namely:

  1. Written Constitution: Definition of a written constitution (constitution dokumentary / Writen constitution) is a rule set forth in a particular document.
  2. Not Written Constitution: Definition of unwritten constitution (non documentary constitution) is a rule that is not described in a specific document that is maintained in a constitutional state.

Thus the discussion about the definition of the Constitution, I hope you can understand and beneficial to you regarding the definition and types of constitution.