Sunday, January 15, 2017

Understanding Ideology

The discussion this time is about ideology and sense according to some experts, may be a lot of people ask What is the purpose of Ideology? and How to understanding the ideology according to the experts?

Understanding Ideology is a set of ideas, the basic ideas, beliefs and beliefs that are systematic with the direction and goals to be achieved in the national life of a nation.

The term comes from the Greek ideology, consists of two words, namely the idea and logy. Ideaberarti see (Idean), while logy derived from the word logos meaning knowledge or theory.

Thus, the ideology of the findings can be interpreted in mind that the form of knowledge or theory. Ideology may also mean a set of concepts that serve applying the principles, opinions (events) that provides direction for continuity purposes hidup.Ideologi mencadi divided into two, namely the ideology Open and Ideolgi tertutp, open and closed ideological difference was striking, so it can be easily grouped ,

Some understanding of ideology put forward by the experts:

  • Karl Marx
reliance-reliance speculative form of religious morality, or political beliefs .Although speculative ideology is considered as a reality to hide or protect the interests of the social class of thinkers.

  • C.C. Rodee
which states that the definition of ideology is a set of logically related and identify the values ​​that give validity to the institution and the perpetrator.

  • Machiavelli
ideology is power protection systems that are owned by the ruler.

  • Thomas H
Ideology is a way to protect the power of government in order to survive and organize people.

  • Napoleon
Ideology is an overall political thought and rivals.

  • Harold H. Titus
in the book of the living issues of Philosophy, ideology is defined as a term used for a group of ideals. on various political and economic issues as well as social, philosophical and social philosophy to be performed for a systematic plan of ideals that is run by a group or society.

  • Louis Althusser's
the ideological State apparatuses found the idea of ​​a constituent ideology is a matter or form. He thought that the ideology is not built on the will and expectations or ideas of society, but is born from the behavior of the people. He argues further that ideology which is owned by a group of people would have a clear line of history, ideology only individuals who have a clear history.