Friday, March 17, 2017

Understanding Flowchart and Types

Understanding Flowchart and Types - Flowchart is is a chart with specific symbols that describe in detail the process sequence and the relationship between a process (instruction) with other processes within the program.

Here are some of the symbols used in drawing a flowchart:

Flowchart divided into five types, namely:

  • Flowchart System (System Flowchart)
  • Flowchart Flowchart Document (Document Flowchart)
  • Schematic Flowchart (Schematic Flowchart)
  • Flowchart Program (flowchart)
  • Flowchart Process (Process Flowchart)
Flowchart System
Flowchart System is a chart that shows the workflow or what is being done within the overall system and explain the sequence of procedures that exist in the system. In other words, this flowchart is a graphical decryption of a sequence of procedures that are combined to form a system.

Flowchart System consists of data that flows through the systems and processes that transform data. Flowchart and process data in the system can be portrayed online (connected directly to a computer) or offline (not connected directly to the computer, for example, typewriters, cash registers or a calculator).

Flowchart documents
Flowchart document (document flowchart) or also called flow chart form (form flowchart) or paperwork flowchart is a flow chart showing the flow of reports and forms including copy-copy. Flowchart This document uses symbols similar to those used in the system flow chart.

Schematic flowchart
Schematic flow chart (schematic flowchart) is a flow chart similar to a flow chart of the system, which is to describe the procedure in the system. The difference is, besides schematic flow chart symbols, a flow chart of the system, also used pictures of computers and other equipment used. The point of using these images is to facilitate the communication to those who are less familiar with flow chart symbols. The use of these images makes it easy to understand, but difficult and long draw.

Flowchart program
Flowchart program (program flowchart) is a chart that describes in detail the steps of the program. Program flow chart made of derivikasi system flow chart.

Flowchart can program consists of two kinds, namely flowchart program logic (program logic flowchart) and a detailed flowchart of a computer program (computer program detailed flowchart). Program logic flow chart used to illustrate each step in the computer program logic. This program logic flow chart prepared by systems analyst.

Process flowchart
Flowchart The process is engineered industrial imaging techniques that break down and analyze the next steps in a procedure or system. A flow chart of the process using five separate symbols.

Flowchart The process used by industrial engineers in studying and developing manufacturing processes. In systems analysis, this flowchart is used effectively to trace the flow of a report or form.