Sunday, March 12, 2017

Understanding Mirages

Understanding Mirages - Mirage is something that is false, that is a shadow that looks like there but does not actually exist. As Example is when you walk amid the scorching sun on hot asphalt road and no vehicle, memandanglah a direction away you will find the distance as if there would be a puddle of water. Meanwhile, if you approach the water is not there, as if he would disappear.

Another explanation of the mirage is an optical phenomenon in which usually happens in the vast terrain such as the desert or ice field. Mirage is the refraction of light through different densities, so they can make something that does not exist will be like there. Often in the desert, the mirage resemble a lake or water or city. This is actually a reflection of the sky reflected than hot air. This hot air serves as a mirror.

Mirage (mirage) are commonly considered as an optical illusion due to differences in air density. The light is bent as an object through two layers of air with different temperatures and densities. As a result, people are deceived see the shadows as an object. The image produced can be opaque, inverted, or wavy.

In the past, the presence of a mirage is often attributed to a magical world. Some sightings mirage palace complex as the shadow of the myth had noted various journals. Among others on September 27, 1846. Two people claimed to see the shadow of the city of Edinburgh in the sky Liverpool for 40 minutes. Though Edinburgh is located about 325 kilometers north of Liverpool. Similar events are also experienced by a British geologist. He wrote Toronto saw a shadow in the sky of Lake Ontario.

The appeal was remarkable mirage. Not only the image produced is so beautiful and real. But it is also difficult to enter into the logic. Even the view of the sunset is so beautiful, is not separated from the phenomenon of mirage. Towards sunset, the sun is distorted to split in two. When it is all or part disk of the sun is below the horizon. However terrefraksi sunlight by the atmosphere makes the sun visible above the horizon.

Mirages are still holds many mysteries. Even the experts still can not explain in more detail. Especially how can a city view can be projected clearly on another city sky. But this could be a mystery even make the mirage becomes more attractive.