Friday, March 10, 2017

Understanding Lucid Dream

Understanding Lucid Dream - Lucid Dream is where we're dreaming, but we are aware of that and we could control the dream and can do anything in it as strong as our imagination.

The phenomenon of lucid dream has actually been mentioned much in the past, only the new few decades back, the scientific community began to recognize the existence of this phenomenon.
Starting from the Indian tribes (the shaman shaman) they apply a form of meditation that is able to maintain awareness even though the body is at rest. Then the 5th century, a letter from St. Augustine said that he was aware in his dream. Then the 8th century lucid dream re-recorded by Tibetan monks, in a book called 'Tibetan Book of the Dead', in the book, the monks tibet implements a form of yoga
that is able to teach meditation to keep the dream consciousness.

Benefits of Lucid Dream:
   1. Fantasy and adventure
Within DREAM, we can have full control over our desires, as strong and as much as our imagination. We can create a palace by army troops continue to fight dragons, or as a superhuman who can fly high everywhere it's up to you as strong as your imagination.

   2. Exercise
Lucid Dream is a Golden opportunity for you. Lucid Dream because we can practice before performing activities in the real world. For example, in the real world I want to do the long jump competition. Why not exercise at Lucid Dream just that in the real world later Insyallah Fluent.

   3. Inspiration / creativity
For Musicians, Authors Story, Author, Director, Filmmaker might Lucid Dream can help us. Why not ? Lucid Dream because we can find things that are very remarkable. and we can menuliskanya in the book, filmmaker, author of the story, Architects etc.

   4. Stop nightmares
In Lucid Dream we can control the dream so that we avoid nightmares. Suppose you just throw was no fire, pushed by hand without touching it and so forth depending on how strong our imagination.

   5. Troubleshooting
Lucid Dream Insyallah can solve our problems in the World. why you can confide with people in your subconscious. people in your subconscious surely someone a good listener. For example just for students. he is hard to experience a period of learning period. and he vent the same people in the lucid dream. and the words of our subconscious "Try to learn in an atmosphere of calm like a park or the beach and listen to the song for her concentration on lessons.