Monday, April 3, 2017

Understanding Delusions

Understanding Delusions - Delusions are a hoax picture of observation, drawing all or gamabr who deceive us, with the evils that can not be corrected, and does not fit at all with the mind as well as his own opinion. Delusions were generally caused by past experiences are overwhelmed by feelings of sin and guilt, as well as haapan-expectations or not reached.

Understanding Delusions

Several types of delusions we may note here, is as follows:
1. Delusions hipokondris; No delusions always suffer pain patients feel bodily: accompanied chronic anxieties and fears about the health of the body's own patalogis. Patients feel "confident" it is true that he suffered from a serious illness. Each Simpton smallest pain was felt as a great disaster, which could mengakibatakan death. In particular this hipokondris delusions caused by a conflict with conflict intrapsychic long and severe.
2. nihilistic delusions: patients seized with feelings of "no longer exists or is dead". He felt like a worthless piece of dead bodies. Patients become desperate and useless life on earth.
3. Cotard syndrome: no delusion can not live anymore, which is accompanied by delusions could not possibly be dead. There was an idea she could no longer live in this world; but at the same time he felt confident could not possibly be dead. Therefore he constantly felt guilty to penetrate the sins and stains are attached to him, he must direjam with hell torments the world today.

Factors causing Delusions
Generally caused by pangalaman-pangalaman past overwhelmed by feelings of sin and guilt, as well as the expectations that have not been reached.