Monday, January 9, 2017

Understanding VPS

Understanding VPS - VPS stands for Virtual Private Server is a server side technology on operating systems and software that allows a machine with a large capacity is divided into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine's airport system and software operating independently and with rapid configuration. Globally VPS is often used for Cloud Computing, Software Bot, Running Software forex robot (for trading), etc.

Can be interpreted simply a computer server located in the virtual world. That is not real (virtual) but we may have a way to rent. Similar to the computer in the real world, VPS has a hard drive, memory, processors until the operating system (OS).

VPS operates for 24 hours without stopping and is connected to the Internet network. Thus, the data and applications in the VPS can be accessed or run continuously for 24 hours via the Internet anytime and anywhere.

Here are some of the functions held VPS, which are:

  • Web Hosting One popular use is to provide web hosting. Virtual Private Server is ideal for mid-level and company website, where applications require specific configuration and can only be done by a Superuser. This usage is also suitable to start a web hosting business with a limited budget but with a quality service.

  • Development / Test Environments Virtual Private Server also helps to do a series of development testing efficiently, multiple operating systems and public IP addresses can easily be done, connect remotely to reboot and replacement of the interface is done quickly, just as it has a 1 rack full with a testing server.

  • Outpost ducational Virtual Private Server makes the event to experiment UNIX Operating System with a wide range of distribution. Make experimental processes more diverse and more easily compare them.

  • Host Server SSH Tunneling, function almost the same as the VPN is changing the IP into the IP VPS. (Content - VPS - ISP - Your Computer). VPN or Virtual Private Network function much like SSH Tunneling, which change the IP for VPS Moreover Content will pass before sending to your ISP, and then to your computer.

Needs Backup Server backup server to ensure the service is always running normally is very important. Backup server can include web sites, e-mail, files, and databases. All of these services are in a state of physical and logical separated so as to minimize damage or loss of data.

And there are many other functions that I have written above in addition VPS also has strengths and weaknesses

The VPS has its own advantages, as many people feel is a more convenient and simple. No need care, why? because the VPS server maintenance has been done by the owner or seller VPS, do not need to subscribe to Internet data again to make your server in order to get online.

The weakness of the VPS itself is a rather slow process running on your PC / laptop. This is usually caused by the speed of internet users in accessing the VPS itself, while VPS itself is working properly and at high speed in the process to the internet.