Monday, January 9, 2017

Understanding UTP Cable

Understanding UTP Cable - UTP cable is UTP stands for "Unshielded Twisted Pair" which type of cable is made of conducting material copper, have insulating plastic and is covered with an insulating material that can protect from fire and physical damage, UTP cable consists of 4 plug the cable core interconnected serpentine where each pair has a different color code.

UTP cable is a type of cable that can be used to create a computer network, either wired that in its interior contains four pairs of wires. Cables Twisted Pair Cable is divided into two types including, Shielded and Unshielded. Shielded was kind of the UTP cable has a sheath wrapping, whereas unshielded is the kind that has no casing packer. For the type of cable connection is using RJ-45 or RJ-11.

Function UTP cable is used as a wired LAN (Local Area Network) in computer network systems, and usually UTP cable has an impedance of approximately 100 ohms, and are divided into several categories based on their ability as a conductor of data.

Types UTP Cables
UTP cabling consists of several types are:

  • CAT 1 Cable UTP Category 1

This kind of cable is UTP cable with extremely low transmission powers with designs that support only for voice analig shaped course.

  • CAT 2 Cable UTP Category 2

This kind of cable is UTP cable with the power transmission better than the previous one with a design that supports voice and data komunikas digital form. This cable can transmit data up to 4 Megabit / s.

  • CAT 3 UTP Category 3

This kind of cable is UTP cable with a better quality than the previous generation with support for data and voice communications to speed 10 Megabit / s.

  • CAT 4 UTP cable Category 4

This kind of cable is UTP cable transmission quality is better than the previous ones because it is supported by the data and voice communication that can reach speeds of 16 megabits / s.

  • CAT 5 UTP cable Category 5

This kind of cable is UTP cable transimis quality that leibihnbaik for supporting data communications and voice with a speed of 100 Megabit / s.

  • CAT 6 UTP Category 6 Cables

This kind of cable is UTP cable has the highest official certification.

  • CAT 7 cable is UTP Category 7

This kind of cable is UTP cable with the kind of premium that is very fitting to be made in high traffic media with a single cable or a cable that can transmit data up to 10 Gigabit / s with a frequency of 1000 Mhz.