Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Understanding VPN

Understanding VPN - Virtual Private Network VPN in short, is a connection between one network to another network through a network of private to the Internet (the public). Called the Virtual Network on for VPN uses the Internet as a media middleman network as a connection rather than directly. And called Private Network for VPNs are private meaning only certain people can access things that should not be accessible alias in the block. Data is sent from the Internet via VPN encrypted so it is quite safe and secret remains awake, though he sent over the internet, that is the definition of a VPN.

VPN also has advantages and disadvantages, including the following:

The surplus VPN:
Can be used as a solution for more cost effective for an organization or business that is big enough that uses a dedicated network for computer networks.
Can improve the mobility of an organization or business that can directly connect to a home network or the employees in the organization.
And can customize security features.

The drawback VPN:
Due to the provision of access to employees in general, security is a risk factor, it can put the information that is important for an organization or company can be accessed globally, because by using VPN requires more attention to the establishment of security systems are quite good and safe.