Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Understanding Bandwidth

What is Bandwidth? Surely you've heard the term even know what is meant by Bandwidth? In this article I will give a little information about the terms of Bandwidth and kind - Bandwidth is a measure of the value of the count or the calculation of consumption data transfer telecommunication calculated in bits / sec or commonly called by bits per second (bps), between the server computer and client computers within a specific time within a computer network. Or definition or wide bandwidth that is widely used by the frequency range signal in the transmission medium. So we can conclude that the maximum capacity of the bandwidth of a communication path used to transfer data in seconds.

Bandwidth has two types of digital bandwidth and analog bandwidth, the following is an explanation of each of the two:
  • Namely digital bandwidth or the number of a data volume (in units of bps, or bits per second) that can be transmitted through a communication channel without distortion.
  • Analog bandwidth is a frequency difference between the lowest and highest frequency in a frequency range measured in Hertz (Hz), which can determine the amount of information or data that can be transmitted in a moment.

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