Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Understanding TOS (Terms of Service)

Terms of Services

What is the TOS?

Understanding TOS (Terms of Service), you already know the TOS often if often join a website or you will create an account, when making the registration and there you will find the TOS or Terms of Services.

TOS stands for Term of Services are the rules that are provided by a program or a service or services of a company to use the services provided, rules to be followed when participating in a forum, publisher of online advertising and so on.

Suppose you bloggers joined a PPC ad provider. Definitely at the time will make you have to approve the rules that must be obeyed (Terms of Services). If you do not want to abide by the rules that have been provided by the providers of PPC advertising, you will not get the service to be provided by the providers of PPC advertising.

You've read and thought deeply a Term of Services. Then you approve it. Well, if you already agree to a Terms of Services, please enjoy the services provided. But, you also have to abide by the Terms of Services, which has you seujui. There is a right, there is no obligation. If you violate the rules in the Terms of Services that you agree with, then might you can no longer use the services provided. Suppose Google AdSense. If you violate the Terms of Services it, then your account will be deleted and you will no longer get money from the Google side. So, keep a Term of Services if you do not want to lose a service you want to enjoy.