Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ambiguous Definition

What is ambiguous?

Ambiguous Definition
Ambiguous or ambiguity is a form of construction which is interpreted to have a meaning more than one purpose sentences with double meanings that can not be understood or doubt others. Therefore, the sentence is ambiguous sentence who has a double meaning.

The possibility of more than one meaning in a word, a compound word, or phrase. So ambiguous sentences are sentences that have more than one interpretation or ambiguity

Things - things that cause an ambiguous sentence:

1) Release of words
2) Description precede
3) Contamination of confusion
4) The location of the break
5) The origin

Based on the shape, ambiguous in the sentence are divided into three groups, namely:

1. Ambiguity Phonetic
Ambiguity occurs due to phonetic similarity sound - the sound of the spoken and usually occur in the dialogue or conversation a day - day.

2. Grammatical Ambiguity
Grammatical ambiguity occurs because the process of establishing a good grammatical formation of words, phrases, or sentences. Words - words or phrases that have keambiguitasan this type will be lost if entered into in the context of the sentence.

3. Lexical Ambiguity
Ambiguous this type occurs because of the word itself. Basically, every word has a meaning more than one depending on the sentence that followed.