Monday, January 16, 2017

Understanding Router

The router is a computer networking hardware that can be used to connect multiple networks of the same or different. A router is a device to transmit data packets over a network or the internet to be able to the destination, the process is called routing.

The router function generally is as a liaison between two or more networks to carry data from one network to another. Routers main function is to divide or distribute an IP address, either static or DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Procotol to all computers connected to the router.

The types or kinds Router:

1. Application Router
Understanding Router application is an application that can be installed on the operating system, so that the operating system will have the ability as a router, an example of this application is WinRoute, WinGate, SpyGate, WinProxy and others.

2 . Router Hardware
Understanding Router Hardware is a hardware that has the ability as a router, then with the hardware you can divide the IP address, router hardware can be used to divide the Internet network in a region, for example from this router is an access point, an area that gets IP Address and Internet connection called Hot Spot Area.

3. Router PC
Definition and functions Router PC is a computer that is modified such that it can be used as a router. To create a router PC does not have to use the computer to a high specification. Computer with two Pentium processor, 10 GB hard drive and ram 64 and is already available LAN cards can now be used as a router PC. Computers that used this router must be installed with the operating system specifically for the router. A popular operating system for PCs today router is Mikrotik.

That is some information on the Understanding and Router function. If there are errors in the above article please forgive, and also may give advice and criticism.