Monday, January 16, 2017

Understanding RSS Feeds

If you are a frequent visitor at some blog maybe you'll find posts or RSS Feeds logo, for what was there RSS Feeds disebuah blog, the actual What is RSS Feeds? and What is the use RSS Feeds?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, RSS FEEDS is a format bait or feed on web sites used to publish documents recently updated on the website. RSS is based on XML and can be used in different ways for content distribution, the most extensive use is for distributing news headlines on the Web. RSS is used to describe the de facto standard for syndicating Web content.

The function of RSS Feeds as follows:
  1. The first is to provide bait for readers who want to subscribe in order to follow the latest articles from our blog with ease.
  2. The second is used to notify all the search engines / search engines from indexing their immediate newly updated article on our blog quickly.

Some thieves often take advantage of the ease of service article Rss feeds to move the latest articles from other blogs to his blog. Blogs thief article as it is often referred to as auto blogs or blog AGC (auto generated content). Blog search engines classify as junk.

Sometimes RSS Feeds can be misused by some thieves articles utilize as a convenience to move the latest articles from other blogs to his blog. Blogs thief article as it is called auto blogs or blog AGC (Auto Generated Content).

Benefits of RSS Feeds as a business on the internet:
  • Build closer relationships with customers.
  • Generate more traffic.
  • Assurance to content.
  • Visitors easily subscribe.
  • Publishing content is very easy.
  • Easily spread on the internet.
  • Make visitors come again.
  • Forming a targeted contact targets.
  • Place ads.
  • Viewing habits of visitors.