Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Understanding Coalition

Understanding Coalition

Understanding Coalition - General understanding of the coalition is Gambungan or it can be said Coalition is a group of individuals who have integrated the deliberately formed independently of the formal organizational structure, which consists of membership perceived mutual benefit, service-oriented problems or issues, focusing on the goal (influence on the parties) in outside the coalition, and require joint action by the members.

Understanding Coalition Under ambient conditions
In a parliamentary system of government, a coalition government is a government composed of a coalition of several parties
The opposition coalition is composed of an opposition coalition of several parties.
A coalition In international relations could mean a combination of several countries established for a specific purpose.
Coalitions can also refer to a group of people / citizens who join for a similar purpose.
Coalition in economics refers to an affiliated company of each other which creates a mutually beneficial relationship.

Coalition by Composition
Potential coalition, a condition in which there is interest that arise, could be a coalition if the collective action taken. The coalition is divided into two, namely Latent (not yet formed into active coalition) and Dormant (preconceived, but is not active).
Coalition active (operating), the coalition that is running. The coalition is divided into two, namely the coalition established (established), a coalition of active, relatively stable, and took place over a limited and temporary coalition (temporary) is a coalition formed to short-term, focus on a single issue.
Coalition repeatedly (recurring), a temporary coalition to continue because the issue has not been solved.

Coalition Formation Method
Starting with one of the founders (founder).
By adding one member at a time.
Achieving critical mass (critical mass).
Inviting the weakest support (weak ties can be strong).
Secretly formed and dissolved as soon as possible

Based Coalition colleagues aim.
Allies (allies).
Opponents (opponents).
Bedfellows (co-line).
Fence sitters (class).
Adversaries (opponents).