Monday, March 6, 2017

Definition of Ethnocentrism

Definition of Ethnocentrism

Definition of Ethnocentrism
Ethnocentrism attitude is an attitude that use sight and way of life from his perspective as a yardstick to judge another group.

If not managed properly, differences in culture and customs among social groups would lead to social conflict due to the attitude of ethnocentrism. The attitude arises because of the assumption of a community that they have a view of life and value systems that are different from other community groups.

Positive and Negative Impact of Ethnocentrism

The positive impact of ethnocentrism is:
can enhance the spirit of patriotism,
maintain the integrity and stability also culture,
enhance love for the nation itself.

Negative Impact of ethnocentrism is:
Can lead to inter-ethnic conflict.
Their political stream.
Hinder the process of assimilation of different cultures.