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Understanding the zodiac

Understanding the zodiac
Understanding the zodiac

Zodiac is

Etymologically zodiac (zodiac) is derived from the Latin word meaning Zodiacus (circle) animals. It is what lies behind the use of animal names to name the zodiac.
Zodiac scientific definition is:
Zodiak declare an annual cycle of the 12 areas along the circle of the ecliptic (the path that is a pattern change position of the sun in the sky) formed by the ecliptic circle is divided by clusters of stars into 12 areas with the size of the same arc.

First let's look at the definition of astrology and astronomy:
Astrology: the science that interprets the reality and human existence, based on the position and movement relative various celestial bodies, especially the Sun, Moon, planets as seen at the time and place of birth or any other event being studied.
Or in short astrology is a science that assumes that human destiny can be attributed to the location of astronomical objects in the sky
Astronomy: the science involving the observation and explanation of events occurring outside Earth and its atmosphere. The science of studying the origins, evolution, physical and chemical properties of objects that can be seen in the sky (and extraterrestrial), also processes involving them.


The main function of the zodiac is a kind of map position or the position of the sun in the sky, but unfortunately due to various reasons turned out to be the zodiac used (abused?) Forcibly MAY out of the realm of science to predict the fate of a person (such as a book as a fan).
But it is tragic fate of the zodiac because he did not like notebooks that are still recognizable primary function. The main function of the zodiac turned out to have been blurred and marginalized by other functions (though other functions may TSB benar2 arise because there is coercion).
Regarding the reasons for certain about the use of the zodiac in astrology because I do not know if I am forced to discuss this issue then it means I have to enter the realm of astrology, and I do not like things like that.
How? Have we find out exactly what the zodiac?
Conclusion I personally (please colleagues take their own conclusions) is if referring to the definition of the actual zodiac zodiac are in the realm of astronomy, the zodiac is a scientific thing because it addresses the position of the sun throughout the year. Regarding the impression now that the zodiac related to astrology in my opinion is an "accident" of history.