Thursday, February 16, 2017

Understanding SEO

Understanding SEO

Understanding SEO - SEO is a technique to maximize the value of the relevant page of the website in order to increase rankings and visitors of the Google Search Engine. Conducting the process in the form of certain activities on the web site or your web page so that when Internet users search for something related to the content of the website or webpage, a web site or page is displayed on page 1 lists the natural search results / no-pay / non-advertising / organic.

SEO is the main destination of the following:

  • Volume Increase Traffic Internet User Visits
  • So that as many visitors come to our site to become the most-clicked (being in the red area on a click heatmap that is at the half-yard at the top / upper fold, more preferably be numbers 1-3 in SERP).
  • Improving the Quality of Traffic Candidate Visits Consumer Products or Services
  • As many visitors are targeted visitors according to the keywords you choose, so the traffic / visitor traffic / traffic that comes indeed need and was looking for anything that you offer on your site. This creates qualified traffic to visit your site).
  • Both maintain traffic type in Upper Continuously

Here are other benefits when combined with SEO website or blog:

  • Website becomes crowded with visitors targeted keywords
  • Customers continue to flock to the website
  • Indirectly increase your income as a publisher
  • Cache penulusuran in Search Engine become the most important
  • Business at the website into thriving
  • Sales of the product will increase
  • Reciprocal back to the affiliate product website