Friday, February 3, 2017

Understanding Hyperlink

Understanding Hyperlink

Hyperlink is a way to direct a segment in the slide, file, program, or on a web page with the other part in those fields. Hyperlinks are often used to show other locations of text and objects are shown.

Hyperlinks can be mounted on text or images. Hyperlinks in the text can be distinguished visually, by default text that is placed hyperlinks on a web page will be blue and underlined. While hyperlink attached to the image can not be distinguished visually directly, but if the pointer is on the image then the pointer will change appearance.

Hyperlink tags have important attributes that can be used to create links that correspond with the goals and needs. Below are a few kinds of attributes Hyperlink tags are as follows:

Making link document using a specific set of characters. Value used is char_encoding
<a charset="UTF-8" href=""> Side Definition </a>

Coords / Coordinates
Creation of a link by specifying coordinates or the position of the link generally using link-shaped image. In this case the value used is coordinates
<a href="exam.htm" shape="rect" coords="0,0,82,126"> Exam </a>

If the user clicks this hyperlink tag similar then the target file will not appear in the browser but appear directly a file to be downloaded on a computer. The value used is the file extension
<a href="" Download>

Making this link between text serves to connect with other web pages. Value used that URL
<a href=""> Side Definition </a>

Functioning as an explanatory language that is used on a page. Value used is LANGUAGE_CODE
<a href="" hreflang="en"> Side Definition </a>