Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Perspective Definition

Perspective is a perspective that comes from one's awareness of an issue that occurs. Perspective can be used as an addition to insight or knowledge of a person in order to see everything that happens with a broad view.

So perspectives have characteristics such as: a person who has a perspective that high would think broadly and does not discriminate against something, so do not look at the matter from a narrow view and fragmented, someone who has a perspective that is high will easily be able to interact with people another harmoniously, someone who has a higher perspective able to compete or competent healthily.

Promiscuity is a process of interaction between a person with another person, can be done by two people or groups. It depends on the intent and purpose of the association itself. Here are some understanding of the association according to the experts:

Aristotle: man is a creature that can not be separated from social life, meaning that humans are creatures of mutual berhubungna and interact with each other.

Ghozally 2007: the association is a relationship forged between individuals which include feelings, behavior, and self contained.

Basrowi 2005: the association can not be discharged from the interaction is a dynamic relationship between individuals by other individuals, individuals and groups as well as groups with other groups.