Thursday, February 23, 2017

Definition of Marketing

Definition of Marketing

Definition of Marketing - Marketing is one of the main activities to be performed by either company, the company goods or services in an effort to maintain the viability of their business. This is because marketing is one of the company's activities, which are directly related to the consumer. Then the marketing activities can be defined as human activities that take place in relation to the market. Kotler (2001) suggests the definition of marketing means working with the target market to realize the potential exchange with the intention of satisfying human needs and desires. So it can be said that the success of marketing is the key to the success of a company.

The core concepts of marketing meluputi: needs, wants, demand, production, utility, value and satisfaction; exchange, transaction and market relations, marketing and market. We can distinguish between needs, wants and demands. The need is felt the absence of a state certain basic satisfaction. Desire is a strong desire to be satisfying specific to the needs deeper. While the inquiry is the desire for a specific product that is supported by the ability and willingness to buy.

The main objective of the marketing concept is to serve customers by getting a profit, or can be defined as the ratio between earnings at reasonable costs. This is different from the concept that focuses on the sale of company interests. Philosophy in his sales approach is to produce a factory, then convince consumers that are willing to buy it. While the marketing concept approach requires that management determine the wishes of consumers first, only then do how to satisfy.

From the description above can be concluded that marketing management is a planned activity, and diorganisasiknan which includes the distribution of goods, pricing, and supervision of the policies that have been made which aim to secure a place in the market so that the main purpose of marketing can be achieved.