Thursday, January 12, 2017

Understanding Social Inequality

Understanding Social Inequality - Social inequality is a phenomenon of social imbalance in terms kualiatas life is very striking. social gaps could occur any country. Social inequality is something of a nightmare or a big task for the government to be resolved. Where social inequality is a problem that is difficult to resolve because it deals with the aspects that should be known in depth and a deeper approach and their interrelations in various aspects. Social inequality is a state social imbalances that exist within the community, for example between the rich and the poor.

Factors Contributing to Social Inequality:

  • Poverty
  • Lack of employment
  • Lack of awareness of the importance of education
  • The uneven development
  • Differences in Natural Resources
  • Government policy
  • Effect of Globalization
  • Demographic factors
  • Geographic Location and Condition

Efforts should be made by the government to solve the problem of social inequality that occurred in Indonesia:

  • Prioritize Education.
  • Create jobs and reduce poverty.
  • Minimize corruption and combating corruption.
  • Improving the judicial system in Indonesia and the strict supervision of the judicial mafia.

That is some information about social inequality, hopefully article I wrote above can be easily understood and if there is an error please forgive