Sunday, January 1, 2017

Understanding Resistor

Understanding Resistor - Resistor is a component that is most often used in electronic devices that function to inhibit or restrict the flow of electricity in a chain of electronics. As the function of resistors as the name implies is resistive and included one in the category of electronics components passive components. Unit or the resistance value of a resistor is called Ohm and denoted by the symbol omega (Ω). The term "OHM" is taken from the name of the inventor is Georg Simon Ohm who is also a German physicist. According to Ohm's law that resistance is inversely proportional to the amount of current flowing through. In addition to the resistance value (Ohm) resistor also has other values ​​such as tolerance and capacity are able to have missed. All values ​​associated with the resistor is important to note in the design of an electronic circuit therefore always include the resistor manufacturers in the packaging of the resistor.