Saturday, December 31, 2016

Understanding Telnet

Understanding Telnet - Telnet stands for Telecommunications Network Protocol, is a remote login is happening on the Internet network due to the service of the Telnet protocol. With the Telnet could allow users to access another computer remotely through the Internet.

Telnet is a protocol that allows users to log in and work on a remote system, such as if there is a program or file that is stored on a remote computer that is in the user's computer itself. In short Telnet is a software (softwere) used to remotely control the computer system.

Telnet or Telecommunications Network Protocol is the software used to remotely control the computer system.
Definition of Telnet remote login can be described as that which occurs on a computer network that allows users to login and work from a long distance through the Internet. Users can access and run the computer from a long distance through the service of the telnet protocol.

Telnet (Telecommunication Network) is a client-server protocol that enables remote login access to the destination computer in a network. Telnet can also be interpreted as a virtual / terminal emulation using the telnet protocol to access your computer remotely purposes. Telnet is used to log into another computer on the Internet and access various public services, including library catalogs and various databases.