Monday, January 30, 2017

Understanding Pixel

Understanding Pixel

Understanding Pixel - Pixel is a collection of colored dots close together so visible form an image, the more the number of pixels the sharper the image also obtained

A pixel is a picture that is in the actual computer is a collection of thousands of very small point and each point has a certain color. That's dots called pixels. Each pixel has one color and join other pixels to form a pattern and produce images.

A pixel is the smallest part of a digital image. The monitor displays images with divide the screen into thousands (or even millions) of pixels, arranged in many rows and columns. These pixels are very close to each other so that it looks like connected to one another.

The number of bits used to represent each pixel determines how many colors can be displayed the pixel, is commonly referred to as color depth. For example, if the monitor uses 8 bits for each pixel, then each pixel is capable of displaying 256 different colors (2 to the power 8).