Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Understanding Motivation

Motivation is an impulse felt by someone to do something. It is usually more influenced by factors of oneself but also not a little encouragement is influenced by external factors such as the family or the environment interact. Many people who gave their opinion about the definition of motivation. In general, these statements have the same meaning but delivered in a different editor.

Definition of motivation according to some sources
The word 'motivation' is certainly not something foreign. Someone doing an activity because of the motivation behind it. Indeed, motivation itself comes from the word 'motive' which means impulse or stimulus or locomotion. Thus, understanding the motivation can be said as an encouragement of perceived or obtained by a person who became the driving force to do something so that what the desires can be achieved.

Motivation is the driving force for someone to do something. For example, a student who does not have the motivation to learn will not achieve satisfactory progress. Conversely, students who have a clear aspiration to be motivated to do better in the learning process. Here is the opinion of some experts on the definition of motivation:

According to Mc. Donald motivation can be defined as a form of energy changes that occur in a person. The energy change marked by feelings and begins with their feedback on what is becoming a destination. From the statement Mc. Donald, there are three very important pillar. First, the motivation will be preceded by the energy changes that occur in everyone. Second, the appearance of the energy changes that will be related to physical activity and the third is the stimulation that occurs due to the relation of interest would not be separated as needed.