Friday, January 13, 2017

Definition of Management

You must have been familiar to hear the word of management, the following article will discuss a little about the management. What is the management? What is Management? and Management Functions?

Definition of Management - Management is the ability to influence other people to carry out a process of organizing such as planning, organization, movement, and control or supervision in order to achieve a goal the organization by working together with the people - the people and the resources of the organization ,

Definition of Management, according to experts
  • Mary Parker Follett, defines management as the art work done through others. This definition means that a manager responsible for managing and directing others to achieve organizational goals.
  • George R. Terry, Definition Management is a science and an art, is a container management in science, so that management can be proven in general truth.
  • Wilson, Definition Management is a series of activities undertaken by members of the organization to achieve its objectives.
  • Ricky W. Griffin, defines management as a process of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling resources to achieve the objectives (goals) effectively and efficiently.
  • Oey Liang Lee, Arti Management is the science and art of planning, organization, preparation, briefing and control (supervision) of the company's resources in order to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Lawrence A. Appley, found the notion of management is a skill to move people to do something
  • Koontz, Management is an art that is productive based on an understanding of science.

Management functions, management functions Generally there are four types, namely:
  1. Planning functions
  2. Organizing function
  3. Direction function
  4. Control function