Saturday, January 7, 2017

Understanding JavaScript

Understanding JavaScript - JavaScript is a programming language that is Client Side Web Programming Language. Client Side Programming Language is a type of programming language processing performed by the client. The client application is meant to refer to web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

JavaScript is a language used to create a program that is used so that the HTML document displayed on a browser becomes more interactive, not just a beautiful course. JavaScript provides some functionality to the web page, so it can be a program that is presented by using the web interface.

JavaScript is a scripting language, that language does not require the compiler to be able to run it, but simply by Interpreter. There need be no compilation process first so that the program can be run. Naviagtor web browser Netscape and Internet Explorer is one example of one of many interpreters, because the browser has been equipped with JavaScript Interpreter. But not all web browsers javascript interpreter buffer becomes not necessarily because the browser is equipped with JavaScript interpreter.
JavaScript is a programming language that is lightweight and easy to use. With the JavaScript this, it is now not just a web page into a page of data and information, but also provides a platform applications with web interface.

JavaScript is a programming language that does not require a license to be able to use it. If we use a web browser supports JavaScript, then we can instantly create web-based applications using JavaScript. JavaScript emerged as a response to the challenges of web users who expect ditampilakan web pages can be dynamic, not static. Documents or web pages, not just used to be able to interact with an information system. Because at the beginning of the development of technology and peneraopan web, web pages are more likely as the pages are static, there is no other appeal. In addition to just the data and information that is displayed so that it will make the web visitors become quickly bored and decided to switch to another website.

Kind of programming language is different from the Client Side Server Side programming language like PHP, which for the entire server side program code is executed on the server side.

To execute JavaScript, we only need a few applications such as text editors, and web browsers. JavaScript features: high-level programming language, client-side, loosely tiped, and object-oriented.