Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Understanding Overhead

Understanding Overhead

Understanding Overhead - Factory overhead costs are often abbreviated with the BOP, is the cost of production in addition to the cost of materials and direct labor costs. Factory overhead costs are costs that can not be charged directly to suatuu unit of work or on a particular production.

Overhead is the expenditure required for the operational functions of public companies, and that can not be directly linked to income-generating activities or units of output (such as a product for sale). Examples of overhead burden is the cost accounting, legal, utilities, executive salaries and office rent.

Factory overhead costs usually arise from the costs to be incurred for the use of additional materials, indirect labor costs, supervision of production machines, taxes, insurance, until the additional facilities required in the production process. These costs can be classified into three broad categories.

  • Factory overhead costs by their nature, are divided into auxiliary costs, indirect labor costs, and the cost of repair and maintenance.
  • Factory overhead costs according to their conduct in relation to changes in production volume, divided into fixed factory overhead costs, variable factory overhead costs, and factory overhead costs semi-variable.
  • Factory overhead costs by their relationship with the department, is divided into two types, namely direct departmental factory overhead costs (direct departmental overhead expenses) and factory overhead costs not directly department (indirect departmental overhead expenses).

To be able to calculate overhead costs, there are several steps that must be done by the company, namely:

a. Creating a budget BOP is based on the volume of activities to be conducted in the future.
b. Define and estimate the loading BOP basis. The basic loading can be done by units of the product, raw material costs, direct labor costs, direct labor hours and machine hours.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Understanding Fermentation

Understanding Fermentation

Understanding Fermentation - Fermentation is a type of anaerobic respiration is the process of releasing energy that occurs in the absence of free oxygen. There are various types of fermented foods, but they all share some of the same characteristics.

Fermentation is a process that refers to the microorganisms to break down organic materials to get the energy it needs to stay alive and make organic compounds such as alcohols and organic acids, as well as inorganic compounds such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Depending on the substances that are formed, the process is called alcoholic fermentation, lactic acid fermentation, amino acid fermentation, etc.

Types of Fermentation:
Based on the resulting product, the fermentation is divided into two types, namely (Belitz, 2009):
Homofermentatif, namely fermentation end products only in the form of lactic acid. Homofermentatif example is the fermentation process that occurs in the blind of yoghurt.
Heterofermentatif, namely fermentation end products such as lactic acid and ethanol as much. Heterofermentatif example is the fermentation process that occurs in the manufacture of tape.

Factors Affecting Fermentation
The success of the fermentation is determined by several factors, namely:

a. Acidity (pH)
Acidic foods usually durable, but if the amount of oxygen enough and molds can grow and fermentation continues, then the lasting power of the acid will be lost. The level of acidity is very influential in the development of bacteria. Good acidity conditions for bacteria is 4.5-5.5.

b. microbe
Fermentation is usually done with a pure culture produced in the laboratory. This culture can be stored in a dry state or frozen.

c. Temperature
Fermentation temperature will determine the kind of dominant microbes during fermentation. Each microorganisms have maximum growth temperatures, minimal growth temperature, and the optimal temperature is the temperature that gives the best and fastest self propagation.

d. Oxygen
Air or oxygen during fermentation must be regulated as possible to increase or inhibit the growth of certain microbes. Each different microbes require oxygen for growth in number or form new cells and for fermentation. Eg yeast bread (Saccharomycess cereviseae) will grow better in an aerobic, but both will ferment sugar much faster with anaerobic conditions.

e. Time
The rate of multiplication of bacteria varies according to species and growing conditions. Under optimal conditions, bacteria will divide once every 20 minutes. For several generations which bacteria pick a time interval between the division, can be reached in 20 minutes. If the generation time of 20 minutes at suitable conditions a cell can produce several million cells for 7 hours.

Infrared Definition

Infrared Definition

Infrared Definition - Infrared (IR) rays are electromagnetic wavelengths than visible light is between 700 nm and 1 mm. An infrared beam of light that is not visible. Infrared uses light to signals, such as TV remote to change the channel on the television. Infrared can not penetrate objects that prevented him from reaching the receiver or need reflection, because of its light. Infrared also serves as a medium to transmit data. For example, in cell phones.

Infrared is the first generation of wireless connection technology used for mobile devices. InfraRed itself, is an electromagnetic wave radiation with wavelengths longer than red tide, but shorter than radio waves, which is 0.7 micro-m up to 1 millimeter.

Infrared first discovered accidentally by Sir William Herschell (1738-1822), astronomer royal England when he was conducting research in search of optical filters that will be used to reduce the brightness of the image of the sun in the solar system.
Infrared rays have a frequency range of 1011 Hz to 1014 Hz or wavelength region 10-4 cm. While the wave of near infrared (near infrared) has a wavelength of about 0.7 micro-m up to 2.5 micrometer.

Infra red can be used also as a wave cariier that can extend the distance limit wave reception, but the transmitted wave to be line of sight (LOS) or straight-infrared can not turn if the radius of vertical transmit ter light barrier by an object even if it is transparent. This theory we apply the digital wave modulation on the remote tv.

Mobile is now integrated with infrared and blue tooth devices to communicate with a pc.

Examples of its application, namely the delivery of mobile applications pc or vice versa, takes note of the telephone number pc very much that it can not be stored in the phone memory is usually used for broadcasting sms.

What is the difference infrared light with blue tooth?

First, using infrared light to emit a signal, such as TV remote, while blue tooth uses radio frequency (RF) (2.4 GHz) to broadcasts its signal.

second, infra red can not penetrate objects that prevented him from reaching the receiver or need reflection, because of its light .However Bluetooth can penetrate objects such as walls so far do not have a high skin depth.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Understanding of Treaties

Understanding of Treaties - Treaty is an agreement made by two or more countries on specific issues that became an interest of the countries concerned in the implementation.

This Treaty is divided into two, as follows:

  • Bilateral Treaty is an agreement made by the two countries. In this treaty, have properties that closed because it involves only between the two countries concerned.
  • Multilateral Treaty is an agreement made by more than two countries. This Treaty has properties that are open for other countries to include themselves. For example such as the UN, NATO and others.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Monograms Definition

Monograms Definition

Monograms Definition - Monograms are part of history and culture. They have been used for centuries not only as an artful design adorning a favorite item, but as a religious symbol in Christianity. Though the modern monogram is only about 150 years old, it is still a rich and classic way to identify ones self.

The standard monograms we are all accustomed to are the three letter monograms. This type of monogram will have three letters each identifying the first, middle, and last initial of a name. The first initial will go on the left, the middle initial on the right, and the last initial directly in the middle. Often times these monograms are decorated with artistic calligraphy or flowing embellishments. This type of monogram is commonly used in items such as wedding invitations, towels, jewelry, and other household items to identify the owner.

The basic three letter styling of monograms has not been changed much since the late 19th century to the early 20th century and are still the most commonly used today. Before then, however, monograms consisted of usually one initial, that being the first initial of the last name. Royalty would commonly use this form of monogram with an elaborate family crest intertwined throughout. Single letter monograms are still used today but usually in the monogramming of linens. A single "M" could be used for either the last name, Mally, or the fist name Michael. In recent years a single letters on pendants have been used extensively as a first name identification monogram.

As of late the most popular monograms have been on jewelry and other keepsake items. In fact, there are stores dedicated to just this such thing. Most of these jewelry items with monograms are made of stainless steel, which is a softer metal than gold and easily engraveable. A matching necklace and bracelet set with monograms are a great gift for that special occasion or holiday. A champagne glass set with matching monograms are very popular for brides and grooms to use for toasting at their wedding and is a desirable bridal shower gift. Baby blankets with custom monograms for the baby are also wonderful gifts and keepsakes.

Monograms have also been used throughout history to mark gravestones. These were much more than artistic embellishments. The initials of the deceased were oftentimes engraved in the top portion of the gravestone for easy identification. Many of these gravestones were commissioned by the wealthy and were usually put on already elaborated memorials. Irish ancestors put monograms of IHS on their gravestones in some areas of the country denoting they were of the Christian faith. The letters IHS are a direct Latin reference to Jesus Christ. Monograms of IHS are also commonly found on crucifixes.

Whether it is a piece of jewelry, or a religious artifact, monograms have had many purposes and uses throughout history. There are more around than one would think. Next time, stop and look and see for yourself, I'll bet you find some interesting monograms.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Definition of Marketing

Definition of Marketing

Definition of Marketing - Marketing is one of the main activities to be performed by either company, the company goods or services in an effort to maintain the viability of their business. This is because marketing is one of the company's activities, which are directly related to the consumer. Then the marketing activities can be defined as human activities that take place in relation to the market. Kotler (2001) suggests the definition of marketing means working with the target market to realize the potential exchange with the intention of satisfying human needs and desires. So it can be said that the success of marketing is the key to the success of a company.

The core concepts of marketing meluputi: needs, wants, demand, production, utility, value and satisfaction; exchange, transaction and market relations, marketing and market. We can distinguish between needs, wants and demands. The need is felt the absence of a state certain basic satisfaction. Desire is a strong desire to be satisfying specific to the needs deeper. While the inquiry is the desire for a specific product that is supported by the ability and willingness to buy.

The main objective of the marketing concept is to serve customers by getting a profit, or can be defined as the ratio between earnings at reasonable costs. This is different from the concept that focuses on the sale of company interests. Philosophy in his sales approach is to produce a factory, then convince consumers that are willing to buy it. While the marketing concept approach requires that management determine the wishes of consumers first, only then do how to satisfy.

From the description above can be concluded that marketing management is a planned activity, and diorganisasiknan which includes the distribution of goods, pricing, and supervision of the policies that have been made which aim to secure a place in the market so that the main purpose of marketing can be achieved.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What is the Definition of Criminology?

What is the Definition of Criminology?

What is the Definition of Criminology? - When thinking about what criminology is, an individual needs to first consider what aspects and fields are affected by the criminal element.  Some of these fields will also either perpetuate or deter crime, depending on how they are used.  Anthropology, sociology, law, research positions and others all tie into criminology.  Criminology could then be defined as how any of these many multitudes of society’s development and creation are able to affect how individuals interact, specifically when it comes to the degenerate element.  Using science to approach the evolution of crime within an area or timeframe allows individuals to learn how an environment may respond to and otherwise affect crime.  Certain things can be analyzed in order to come to a conclusion about crime and the criminal element within a particular area, such as any hereditary elements that may have had a factor or psychological issues that would have instigated the crime.  In addition, many criminologists are also interested in studying how the punishment of criminals affects the likelihood of the same crimes being performed.

When people’s actions or movements deviate from the normal status of things in a way which is excessively harmful or dangerous to themselves or others, criminologists may become involved in the situation.  By studying both crime and the law, an academic person can come up with possible motivations for an individual’s actions.  These theoretical explanations are often helpful when profiling a person who has yet to be caught by the police, as well as when statistics are needed in order to illustrate a trend or issue for a community.  However, it is not just crimes that are studied and analyzed by the criminologist.  In addition, they also look at the criminal justice system on a whole in order to make sure that it is functioning in a sufficient manner that benefits the lives of citizens.

The definition of criminology is broad in order to encompass all of the different fields that fall under the term.  However, by being more specific in the type of criminology that is being investigated, an individual is able to focus more on the individuals cornerstones of the different types of criminology that exist.  For example, psychological criminology was a part of criminology for a long time but did not begin to be looked at on its own until the 20th century.  This field looks at the abnormalities and mental diseases that may feed criminal behaviors.  It is specialized in the way that proponents of this type of criminology believe that the personality of the individual is the breeding ground for the levels and types of crime that the individual will be capable of committing.  Emotions and behavior patterns are often able to remain relatively stable and predictable regardless of what type of environment the individual is placed into, which helps academics to formulate the idea that this is what defines a person.  Criminologists are able to look at crime and other related fields from different perspectives in order to analyze the cause and effect relationship of the crime, the individual and the environment in which they are immersed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Perspective Definition

Perspective is a perspective that comes from one's awareness of an issue that occurs. Perspective can be used as an addition to insight or knowledge of a person in order to see everything that happens with a broad view.

So perspectives have characteristics such as: a person who has a perspective that high would think broadly and does not discriminate against something, so do not look at the matter from a narrow view and fragmented, someone who has a perspective that is high will easily be able to interact with people another harmoniously, someone who has a higher perspective able to compete or competent healthily.

Promiscuity is a process of interaction between a person with another person, can be done by two people or groups. It depends on the intent and purpose of the association itself. Here are some understanding of the association according to the experts:

Aristotle: man is a creature that can not be separated from social life, meaning that humans are creatures of mutual berhubungna and interact with each other.

Ghozally 2007: the association is a relationship forged between individuals which include feelings, behavior, and self contained.

Basrowi 2005: the association can not be discharged from the interaction is a dynamic relationship between individuals by other individuals, individuals and groups as well as groups with other groups.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Alternative Energy Definition

Alternative Energy Definition

Alternative Energy Definition - What is Alternative Energy? There is a lot of energy that we can  harness if we only seek to research and develop the technologies needed to do so. We can get away from the fossil fuels and the old electrical grids by turning to alternatives to these energy sources.

One of these alternative energy resources is wind power. Wind turbines continue to be developed that are progressively more energy efficient and less costly. “Wind farms” have been springing up in many nations, and they have even become more strategically placed over time so that they are not jeopardizing birds as former wind turbines did.

Another alternative energy resource is the one that is most well known: solar energy. This involves the manufacturing of solar cells which gather and focus the energy given off directly by the sun, and translate it into electricity or, in some cases, hot water. As with wind energy, solar energy creates absolutely zero pollution.

Ocean wave energy is seen by governments and investors as having enormous energy generating potential. A generator in France has been in operation for many years now and is considered to be a great success, and the Irish and Scots are running experimental facilities.

Hydroelectric power has been with us for a while and where it is set up, it is a powerful generator of electricity and cleaner than a grid. However, there are certain limitations to the availability of the right places to set up a large dam. Many run-of-the-river, or small and localized, hydroelectric generators have been set up in recent times due to this limitation.

Geothermal energy is extremely abundant, since it lies directly beneath our feet, just a few miles below the earth's surface. This energy is produced by the heating of water through the actions of earth's fantastically hot molten core. The water turns to steam, which can be harnessed and used to drive turbine engines which in turn generate electricity. Great amounts of research and development should be put into geothermal energy tapping.

Waste gas energies, which are essentially methane, reverse the usual energy-pollution relationship by creating energy from waste that lies in the dumps and from some air pollutants. This gas is used in fuel cells and can be used in standard gasoline generators.

Ethanol is a gasoline substitute and is created from such things as wheat, sugarcane, grapes, strawberries, corn, and even wood chips and wood cellulose. There is controversy over this fuel with regards to its ever becoming truly economical or practical except in very localized areas, but technologies for its extraction and admixturing are continuously being refined.

Biodiesel energy is created out of the oils contained in plants. So far, the commercial stores of biodiesel have been created using soybean, rapeseed, and sunflower oils. At the time of this writing, biodiesel is typically produced by entrepreneurial minded individuals or those who want to experiment with alternative energy, but commercial interest from companies is on the rise. It burns much cleaner than oil-based diesel.

Atomic energy is created in atomic energy plants using the process of nuclear fission. This energy is extremely efficient and can generate huge amounts of power. There is concern from some people about what to do with the relatively small amount of waste product atomic energy gives off, since it is radioactive and takes hundreds of years to decay into harmlessness.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Understanding the zodiac

Understanding the zodiac
Understanding the zodiac

Zodiac is

Etymologically zodiac (zodiac) is derived from the Latin word meaning Zodiacus (circle) animals. It is what lies behind the use of animal names to name the zodiac.
Zodiac scientific definition is:
Zodiak declare an annual cycle of the 12 areas along the circle of the ecliptic (the path that is a pattern change position of the sun in the sky) formed by the ecliptic circle is divided by clusters of stars into 12 areas with the size of the same arc.

First let's look at the definition of astrology and astronomy:
Astrology: the science that interprets the reality and human existence, based on the position and movement relative various celestial bodies, especially the Sun, Moon, planets as seen at the time and place of birth or any other event being studied.
Or in short astrology is a science that assumes that human destiny can be attributed to the location of astronomical objects in the sky
Astronomy: the science involving the observation and explanation of events occurring outside Earth and its atmosphere. The science of studying the origins, evolution, physical and chemical properties of objects that can be seen in the sky (and extraterrestrial), also processes involving them.


The main function of the zodiac is a kind of map position or the position of the sun in the sky, but unfortunately due to various reasons turned out to be the zodiac used (abused?) Forcibly MAY out of the realm of science to predict the fate of a person (such as a book as a fan).
But it is tragic fate of the zodiac because he did not like notebooks that are still recognizable primary function. The main function of the zodiac turned out to have been blurred and marginalized by other functions (though other functions may TSB benar2 arise because there is coercion).
Regarding the reasons for certain about the use of the zodiac in astrology because I do not know if I am forced to discuss this issue then it means I have to enter the realm of astrology, and I do not like things like that.
How? Have we find out exactly what the zodiac?
Conclusion I personally (please colleagues take their own conclusions) is if referring to the definition of the actual zodiac zodiac are in the realm of astronomy, the zodiac is a scientific thing because it addresses the position of the sun throughout the year. Regarding the impression now that the zodiac related to astrology in my opinion is an "accident" of history.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Understanding Bootstrap

Understanding Bootstrap - Bootstrap is a CSS framework that provides a collection of components on a web base interface that has been designed to be used together. In addition to the interface components, Bootstrap also provides a means for membangunlayout pages easily and neatly, as well as modifications to the basic display of HTML to create whole web pages that are developed in line with the components lainnya.Bootstrap created to provide a set of tools that can be used to build a simple website easy.

At first bootstrap named "Twitter Blueprint" which dikembankan by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton on Twitter as a framework to encourage consistency across internal tools.

By using Bootstrap a developer can easily and quickly to make the front-end of a website. You just need to call the required classes, such as making keys, grids, tables, navigation and others.

Bootstrap itself is compatible with the latest versions of some browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers. Although some of these browsers are not supported on all platforms.

Some of the reasons why today is pretty much developers using Bootstrap in making front-end website, namely because of some advantages possessed by Bootstrap itself, among others:

  • Can accelerate the process of making a front-end website
  • Bootstrap display that is quite a modern look.
  • Bootstrapping see already responsive, so it supports any kind of resolution, be it PC, tablet, and smartphone.
  • Very light when the website becomes accessible, since Bootstrap is made with highly structured.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Understanding Feudalism

Understanding Feudalism - Feudalism is a social system of medieval characteristic of the system that gave birth to society filled with violence, brutality, and abuse by the authorities. The term feudalism it first appeared in France in the 16th century. The period as a differentiator that period of modernity.
Feudalism is a system of government that is held by a feudal lord to shelter the vassal who gave fief. Such a government called the feudal system.
Feudalism is a system that has been essential and Warma carve its own civilization. In the European context the term "feudal" comes from the Latin word "feudum" is synonymous with the fief, is property that can be either a parcel of land that diserahka temporarily by a vassal to the feudal lord. In this case foedalisme means mastery of matters relating to the issue of land ownership, particularly in the European Middle Ages.

Foedalisme as a system that exists in Europe and accounts for about IX-XII century is a system that is far from democratic. Of these systems could have formed the basis of local government, legislation, organize and manage the army, and various problems related to the executive power. This government is authoritarian and it was proved by the doctrine foedal who said that the entire land of the kingdom and its contents came from the king. King as the owner of a vast expanse of land in his kingdom.

 Feudalism can also be interpreted as a system of government that is held by a majority of the leaders and royalty, muthlak powers under their authority and have subordinates who are still on the nobility but also lower and commonly called fiefs and the number of subordinates a lot. The vassal pays a tribute to their masters. While the vassal, in turn, also has subordinates and servants of their own which gives them a tribute.

Feudal society dependent on agriculture, of it makes landowners as the ruling party and occupy the upper layers of the structure of society for the support farmers' bottom layer. In the middle there is a layer of feudal servants and merchants. Because of that land into a major production and it can be concluded that the core discussion of feudalism is the soil becomes a source of power for the feudal lord who plays an important role in his day. A person is said to have the power if the person has a major capital in the form of land which later developed into the region. The history of feudalism is the history of human civilization itself, where the man from the beginning own thirst for power and position.

Feudalism is a social system of medieval characteristic of the system that gave birth to society filled with violence, brutality, and abuse by the authorities. The term feudalism it first appeared in France in the 16th century. The period as a differentiator that period of modernity.
Feudalism is a system of government that is held by a feudal lord to shelter the vassal who gave fief. Such a government called feudal system.1
Feudalism is a system that has been essential and Warma carve its own civilization. In the European context the term "feudal" comes from the Latin word "feudum" is synonymous with the fief, is property that can be either a parcel of land that diserahka temporarily by a vassal to the feudal lord. In this case foedalisme means mastery of matters relating to the issue of land ownership, particularly in the European Abad Pertengahan.2

Foedalisme as a system that exists in Europe and accounts for about IX-XII century is a system that is far from democratic. Of these systems could have formed the basis of local government, legislation, organize and manage the army, and various problems related to the executive power. This government is authoritarian and it was proved by the doctrine foedal who said that the entire land of the kingdom and its contents came from the king. King as the owner of a vast expanse of land in his kingdom.

 Feudalism can also be interpreted as a system of government that is held by a majority of the leaders and royalty, muthlak powers under their authority and have subordinates who are still on the nobility but also lower and commonly called fiefs and the number of subordinates a lot. The vassal pays a tribute to their masters. While the vassal, in turn, also has subordinates and servants of their own which gives them a tribute.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Understanding SEO

Understanding SEO

Understanding SEO - SEO is a technique to maximize the value of the relevant page of the website in order to increase rankings and visitors of the Google Search Engine. Conducting the process in the form of certain activities on the web site or your web page so that when Internet users search for something related to the content of the website or webpage, a web site or page is displayed on page 1 lists the natural search results / no-pay / non-advertising / organic.

SEO is the main destination of the following:

  • Volume Increase Traffic Internet User Visits
  • So that as many visitors come to our site to become the most-clicked (being in the red area on a click heatmap that is at the half-yard at the top / upper fold, more preferably be numbers 1-3 in SERP).
  • Improving the Quality of Traffic Candidate Visits Consumer Products or Services
  • As many visitors are targeted visitors according to the keywords you choose, so the traffic / visitor traffic / traffic that comes indeed need and was looking for anything that you offer on your site. This creates qualified traffic to visit your site).
  • Both maintain traffic type in Upper Continuously

Here are other benefits when combined with SEO website or blog:

  • Website becomes crowded with visitors targeted keywords
  • Customers continue to flock to the website
  • Indirectly increase your income as a publisher
  • Cache penulusuran in Search Engine become the most important
  • Business at the website into thriving
  • Sales of the product will increase
  • Reciprocal back to the affiliate product website

Monday, February 13, 2017

Understanding PPC, PPI and CPA

Understanding PPC, PPI and CPA
Understanding PPC, PPI and CPA

PPC (Pay per Click)
is a commission-sharing system where you will commission in accordance with the number of people who clicked mounted on your blog
Examples of PPC advertising: Google Adsense, kliksaya, ADPlus, Adstar, Chitika, Infolink, and many others

PPI (Pay-per-Install) is a commission-sharing system where you will be given a commission in accordance with the number of people who install the application from the link, banner, or advertisements in your blog.
Example ad PPI: Anizan, Installmonetizer, UC Union

But keep in mind, if you want to advertise PPI, you will only be able to generate optimum income if you install it on a blog download, because the blogs that many visitors who visit to download and install the application obtained from the website.

CPA (Cost per Action) is a system of division of commissions which you earn a commission in accordance with the number of visitors who take action on ads that are installed on your blog, this action covers to register or register on a website, participate in the survey, play games web browser, and other actions.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Understanding the Types of RPM (REVENUE PER THOUSHAND IMPRESSION) - RPM is classified into three parts, namely RPM queries, page RPM, and RPM ad request. Here's the explanation.

1. RPM Queries
Count RPM query is the division between earnings estimates moved at the number of queries being reported then multiplying by 1000.
Formula: (Estimated earnings / Number of queries) x 1000 = RPM queries in dollar value.

Note: Queries tertaksi $ 50 of 10,000 queries.
Then to the income generated by RPM query is:
($ 50 / 15,000) x 1000 = $ 5.00.

2. RPM Page
Almost SAA with RPM calculation of the queries above, only the calculation is smaller than the page RPM RPM Query. The calculation of revenue per thousand page impressions (RPM) is by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of ad requests are made, then multiplying by 1000.
Formula: (Estimated earnings / Total pages appear) x 1000 = RPM pages in dollar value.
Note: Estimated earnings is $ 0.06 with a 50 page impressions.
Then to the income generated by RPM value of the page is:
($ 0.06 / 50) x 1000 = $ 1.2.

3. RPM Ad Requests
As with the other RPM value calculation, request ad revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of ad requests are made, then multiplying by 1000. Examples can adjust as described above.
Keep in mind, related to the value of RPM, everything is told in the form of estimated values, including the end result every day. But, of course, given the results are not yet final. Therefore, there are many requirements that must be met to support the validity of any clicks that occur on each ad.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Definition of NREM and REM

Definition of NREM and REM

NREM (Non Rapid Eye Movement): is a sleep cycle where no eye movement fast enough. NREM cycle happens nearly 80% of our normal sleep cycle. In this phase is further divided into 4 stages depth. When this NREM cycle, slow brain waves and heart rate as well. In this phase, estimated by the medical, is a phase where dreams do not happen.

REM (Rapid Eye Movement): is the sleep cycle in which this phase is the final phase of the human sleep cycle. in this phase slightly increased heart rate and brain waves slightly increased, and often occurs reflex movements of the muscles, and the most visible example is the frequent movement of the eyes. In this phase many dreams occur. It is known by its active brain waves in EEG when the man entered the REM phase of ini.Apa makes special? because REM is basic knowledge about the phenomenon of lucid dream, the length is also ceritnya, in essence, scientists realized that when dreaming too, our bodies sometimes experienced something like that we dream of, and in REM's eye was the organs most visible part moves according what is seen by the eyes of the mind in a dream

Friday, February 10, 2017

Understanding CPC, CPM, CTR, RPM

Understanding CPC, CPM, CTR, RPM

Understanding CPC, CPM, CTR, RPM - Do you ever mendenger term CPC, CPM, CTR, RPM and so forth. However, do you know these terms mean? Here there is little information on some of the above terms:


It means Cost Per Click. This term is used to calculate advertising cost-per-clicks. Basically the cost of clicks each ad that appears on your blog or website is determined by the advertiser. CPC value between ads against one another is different. Each ad units that appear on blogs vary from each other depending on the particular keyword. Periklan CPC value only known by advertisers and the Google Adsense alone. Publisher was not informed about this.


If in the short term in Indonesia known as CPM means cost per thousand. That is, the ad publisher or publisher will receive payments based on calculations per thousand page impressions blog. CPM is a separate fee outside the CTR (CTR will be described later) that occurs in the blog.


CTR is used to calculate the number of clicks and then divided by the number of ad impressions on the blog. For example, if your ad impressions in a blog gets 2,000 times and get ad clicks 10 times, then calculation CTR is 10/2000 = 0.005. Because calculations on the Adsense account as percent, then the result is 0.5%.


RPM is used to calculate the average income who can get out of every 1,000 impressions. In this RPM payments, there are several factors that influence the value of small and large pay. Factors that influence is the type of blog content to the relevance of ad impressions, dna location of the region. RPM is classified into three parts, namely RPM queries, page RPM, and RPM ad request.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Understanding UDP

Understanding UDP

Understanding UDP
UDP is an abbreviation of User Datagram Protocol is part of the internet protocol. With UDP, computer applications can send messages to other computers in a network to another without doing the initial communication.


  • UDP provides a mechanism to send messages to an application layer protocol or process in a host within a network using TCP / IP. UDP header contains the Source field and Destination Identification Process Identification Process.
  • UDP provides a 16-bit checksum calculation of the UDP message. Checksum is optional because if the checksum does not match then the program will refuse datagram network without telling the recipient and sender.
  • There is no connection initialization, so it is not required welcoming socket, such penginisialisasian accept on the server and on the client socket.
  • No input and output stream formed from or to the socket.
  • The sender will create a datagram packet and sends it to the destination. Each package is formed will be given information about the IP address and port for each row of bytes to be sent.
  • Recipients must describe the datagram packet in order to know the information sent.


  • Protocols were "mild" (lightweight): To conserve memory and processor resources, some application layer protocols require the use of a lightweight protocol that can perform specific functions by exchanging messages. An example of a lightweight protocol is the query function in the application layer protocol name Domain Name System.
  • Application layer protocol that implements reliability services: If the application layer protocols provide reliable data transfer, the need for reliability offered by TCP became no. Examples of such protocols are the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) and Network File System (NFS).
  • Protocols that do not require reliability. Examples of this protocol is a protocol Routing Information Protocol (RIP).
  • Transmission broadcast: Because UDP is a protocol that does not need to make a connection first with a particular host, the broadcast transmission was possible. An application-layer protocol can send data packets to multiple destinations using multicast or broadcast address. This contrasts with the TCP protocol transmission can only transmit one-to-one. Example: query names in the NetBIOS Name Service protocol.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Understanding The Reform

Understanding The Reform

Understanding The Reform - Reform is a process of change with the long life of the new order that is legally livelihood towards improvement. The goal is to better direction by looking at the future purposes.

Reform is etymologically derived from the word "Reformation" with the root of the word "reform" is semantically meaningful "make or Become better by removing or putting right what is bad or wrong"

Reform means drastic changes for improvement (social, political, or religious) dl a community or country:

  • The economic reforms are changes drastically for economic improvement dl a community or country.
  • Legal reform is a drastic change for the improvement of the legal field dl dl a community or country.
  • Political reform is a drastic change for improvement dl dl politics of a society or a country.

Literally meaning a movement of reform had to reformat, re-arrange or re-arrange things aside to be returned in its original format or form in accordance with the ideals aspired people.

Therefore, a reform movement has a condition requirements as follows:

  • Reform movement carried out due to an deviations.
  • Reform movement should be done with a clear aspiration (ideological foundation) specific.
  • Reform movement done based on a reference reforms. Reforms in principle to hold a motion to change an order restoring the existing structural, because of a deviation.
  • Reform waged towards a change towards the conditions and circumstances are better in all its aspects, among others, the political, economic, social, cultural, and religious life.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Understanding Democracy

Understanding Democracy

Understanding Democracy - Democracy is a form of government that every citizen has an equal right in the decisions that shape their lives. Democracy can also be interpreted as a form of government that is held by the people or rakatlah that have the highest sovereignty.

In addition to the above understanding of democracy, there are also some understanding of democracy, according to experts, as follows:

  • Abraham Lincoln: According to him, the notion of democracy is a system of government that runs from the people, by the people and the people untu.
  • Charles Costello: According to Charles Costello, the notion of democracy is a system of social and political self-government with the powers of government are constrained by the laws and customs to protect the rights of individual citizens
  • Hans Kelsen: Hans Kelsen's definition of democracy is government by the people and for the people. Exercising state power is the people's representatives are elected. Where people have been convinced that all the will and interests will be respected in implementing the state power.
  • Merriem: According Merriem, democracy is defined as government by the people, in particular, by the majority; government in which the supreme power remained on the people and performed by them either directly or indirectly through a system of representation that is usually done by holding free elections are held periodically; Common people in particular to appoint a source of political authority; the absence of class distinctions or privileges based on birth or arbitrariness.
  • Sidney Hook: According to him, the notion of democracy is a form of government where decisions important government directly or not based on the agreement freely given majority of adult people.
  • John L. Esposito: the power of and for the people. Therefore, everyone is entitled to participate, either actively or control the policies issued by the government. In addition, of course, public institutions there is a clear separation between the elements of the executive, legislative, and judicial.
  • C.F. Strong: Democracy by definition C.F. Strong is a system of government in which the majority of board members of the community to participate in politics on the basis of a representative system that ensures the government ultimately accountable for its actions in the majority.
  • Hannry B. Mayo: According Hannry B. Mayo, the notion of democracy is the common wisdom is determined on the basis of a majority of the representatives who monitored effectively by the people in elections based on the principle of political equality and runs from in an atmosphere where there is political freedom.
  • Samuel Huntington: According to him, democracy is a collective decision-makers of the most powerful in a system selected through a fair elections, fair and periodic and candidates within the system freely compete for votes and Hamir entire adult population can be given a voice

Characteristics of Democracy:
Characteristics that describe a government based on the democratic system is as follows:

  • Government based on the will and interests of the people.
  • Constitutional characteristic, namely matters relating to the interests, the will, or the power of the people is written in the constitution and laws of the country.
  • Feature Representation, which is in the city-state, sovereignty of the people represented by those few who have been chosen by the people themselves.
  • Feature Election, which is a political activity undertaken to vote in the party administration in.
  • Feature Political Parties, the party became a means / media to be part of the implementation of a democratic system.
  • Feature Power, the division and separation of powers.
  • Feature Responsibility, the responsibility of those who have chosen to participate in the implementation of a democratic system.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Understanding Cache and Cookies

Understanding Cache and Cookies - Cache is a place to store something on a temporary basis, a mechanism to speed up the transfer of data by storing data that has been accessed in a buffer, with the expectation that if the same data to be accessed, the access will be faster.

In hardware, this term usually refers to high-speed memory that bridges the flow of data between the processor and main memory (RAM), which typically have a much lower speed. The use of cache is intended to minimize the occurrence of bottleneck in the flow of data between the processor and RAM.

While in software, this term refers to a temporary storage area for some frequently accessed files (usually implemented in the network) Derived from the word cash, used to increase the speed of data transfer either temporarily or permanently.

Cookies are data files written to the computer's hard disk by a Web server that is used to identify the user on the site so when the user re-visiting the site, the site will be able to recognize it.

Other uses of cookies, and also the most widely used, is to help the session and login (authentification cookies). Cookies of this type is that stores information to find out if you are logged in or not to the website you've ever visited before.

These cookies have seven components: Name, Value, Expiry, Path, Domain, Needs Secure Connection or not, and whether or not the cookie is accessed in addition via HTTP (eg by Javascript.) Attributes of cookies including the Maximum Age, Secure flag and HttpOnly flag.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Definition LCD and LED

Definition LCD and LED

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor that is collated by using "liquid crystal". LCD is a digital display technology that produces an image on a flat surface (flat) with a ray in the liquid crystal and colored filters, which have a polar molecular structure, sandwiched between two transparent electrodes.

Excess LCD Monitor:
- The image quality is crisp and clear
- Produce more realistic colors
- Rays emitted by the LCD does not tire the eyes
- The consumption of electricity more efficient
- Frendly user display settings (easy)
- Dimensions are thin and light so it saves space
- Anti-glare technology (no shadow)
- There is no radiation emitted
Disadvantages LCD Monitor:
- The LCD screen tends to be more sensitive
- Viewing angle is limited, unlimited color depth and gradation of color less
- Display pictures in resolution only good nativenya
- Response time and ghosting
- Prices are more expensive, need extra care and caution dead pixels

LED (Light Emitting Diode) has the same technology as the LCD with the further development of LCD display which has the effect of enhancing the color displayed is more variation in color.

Advantages of LED Monitor:
- The image contrast very sharply to millions of pixels
- Consumption of electricity is more efficient than LCD
- Minimum use of LEDs are longer
- The size of a more slim lighter than LCD
- The lighting is better than LCD
- More environmentally friendly
Disadvantages LED Monitor:
- Prices are more expensive than LCD
- The LED display is thinner tend to be more sensitive

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Definition of Monopoly

Definition of Monopoly

Definition of Monopoly
In language, Monopoly is derived from the Greek language, the Monos and Polein. Monos means alone, while Polien means the seller. If the two words are combined, I explain in general terms that the monopoly is "selling yourself" which means that an individual or organization / institution into a single seller (market share, on the sale or supply of goods or services).

Monopoly is a market control carried out by a person or a company or entity to dominate the market supply (sale of goods and or services on the market) addressed to its customers.

A monopolistic activity in economic activity should have the characteristics, here are some traits in Monopoli activities:
1. There is only one seller. In a monopoly, there is only one seller of goods or services that controls the overall production of certain commodities. Therefore, the overall market served by a single company, and for practical purposes, the company equated with industry;
2. The power of the seller or the manufacturer to determine harga.Kemampuan to give effect to the terms and conditions of the buying and selling prices of the products that are set by the company (the price is not determined by the market as it does in a perfectly competitive market). Although market forces monopolt Heigh, but remains constrained by the demands of the market. The consequences of monopoly is the increase in price will result in partial loss of consumer;
3. There is no substitute for the nearest or similar goods (close substitute). This is because the company manufactures certain commodities, and goods and services are bought and sold the goods or services which are still rare;
4. No or very few other companies can enter the market because of the many obstacles or barriers of corporate excellence;
5. Discrimination prices: pricing to the consumer that is different from price to other consumers in the different market segments of goods and or services of the same reasons that are not related to production costs.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Understanding Hyperlink

Understanding Hyperlink

Hyperlink is a way to direct a segment in the slide, file, program, or on a web page with the other part in those fields. Hyperlinks are often used to show other locations of text and objects are shown.

Hyperlinks can be mounted on text or images. Hyperlinks in the text can be distinguished visually, by default text that is placed hyperlinks on a web page will be blue and underlined. While hyperlink attached to the image can not be distinguished visually directly, but if the pointer is on the image then the pointer will change appearance.

Hyperlink tags have important attributes that can be used to create links that correspond with the goals and needs. Below are a few kinds of attributes Hyperlink tags are as follows:

Making link document using a specific set of characters. Value used is char_encoding
<a charset="UTF-8" href="http://sidetemplate.blogspot.com"> Side Definition </a>

Coords / Coordinates
Creation of a link by specifying coordinates or the position of the link generally using link-shaped image. In this case the value used is coordinates
<a href="exam.htm" shape="rect" coords="0,0,82,126"> Exam </a>

If the user clicks this hyperlink tag similar then the target file will not appear in the browser but appear directly a file to be downloaded on a computer. The value used is the file extension
<a href="https://sidetemplate.blogspot.com/image1.jpg" Download>

Making this link between text serves to connect with other web pages. Value used that URL
<a href="http://sidetemplate.blogspot.com"> Side Definition </a>

Functioning as an explanatory language that is used on a page. Value used is LANGUAGE_CODE
<a href="http://sidetemplate.blogspot.com" hreflang="en"> Side Definition </a>

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Definition of Radicalism

Definition of Radicalism

Definition of Radicalism - Radicalism, comes from the word that means fundamentally radical (up to a matter of principle) is very hard for change (government legislation and so on) advanced in thinking or acting.

While radicalism is understood or the flow of radical political ideology or stream that want change or social and political reform by force or drastic extremes in a stream of politics.

"Radicalism (from the Latin radix, meaning" root ") is the term used in the late 18th century to support the Radical Movement. In history, the movement that began in the United Kingdom's request to radically reform the electoral system.

This movement was initially declared itself as a party of the far left who oppose the far-right party. Once the "radicalism" historical began absorbed in the development of political liberalism, in the 19th century meaning of the term radical in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe turned into a progressive liberal ideology "

Factors that cause their Radicalism namely:
  1. factors Thought
  2. Economic factors
  3. Political factors
  4. Social factors
  5. factors Psychology
  6. factors Education

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Definition Radio and Radio Waves

Definition Radio and Radio Waves

Definition Radio and Radio Waves - Radio is a technology that is used for signal transmission, by using the modulation method and the way radiation of electromagnetic waves. These waves propagate via tail passes and the air and can also propagate through space void of air, because these waves do not require a carrier medium (such as air molecules).

Today's communications technology is already highly sophisticated still uses the concepts of the radio wave. Even the astronauts to keep in touch with the Earth using radio signals due to electromagnetic waves can propagate in a vacuum.

The workings of radio is radio signal transmitted using the carrier wave. Radio waves are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. With the longest wavelengths reflected by the air layer is high in the Earth's atmosphere, called the ionosphere. By using this method, the message over the radio could be reflected so as to achieve a great distance.

Radio waves are waves that have a fairly wide frequency range and is usually generated by the isolator circuit in electronic equipment. Radio wave spectrum bands separated in frequency or wavelength.

For additional information, currently two types of Commercial Radio broadcasts most often we encounter in the receiving device is a Radio Radio AM and FM Radio. Referred to AM (Amplitude Modulation) is the Low Frequency signal modulates the high frequency waves by changing the amplitude of the wave of High Frequency (Frequency carrier) without changing the Frequency.

While the definition of FM (Frequency Modulation) is the process of sending a low frequency signal by means of modulating the high frequency waves that serves as a carrier wave. So the difference between AM and FM is a process used in high frequency modulating a carrier frequency.